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Our Name

If you are a Welsh speaker you will have noticed that 'Adnewyddiad Eglwyswyr Cymru' does not translate as 'Anglican Renewal Ministries Wales'.   Without going into great detail as to the reasons why this version of our name in Welsh was chosen, it’s actual translation is: 'Renewal of the Welsh Church'.

The Welsh name properly reflects the fact that we are not an exclusively Anglican organisation but embrace all traditions.  Sometimes, when people think of the word 'Church', they think about some of the beautiful buildings that grace our land.  However, when we talk about 'Church', we are talking about individuals who make up the church body and not the building itself.

Flames of Fire Conference

Most people know ARM Wales as the organisation who used to run the annual Flames of Fire Holiday Conference at Builth Wells. In fact the very first meeting was held at Cefn Lea near Newtown in 1992 and was called ARM Wales Conference. It wasn't until 1996 that it moved to Builth and called Fanning the Flame. The name changed to Flames of Fire in 1997.

Over the years the conference became increasingly popular and we began to feel it was becoming too much of a burden on the few people who organised it and so New Wine Cymru was invited to take it over. They ran the conference in 2008 and 2009 when financial issues forced them to stop.

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